Plastic Brush Box

Ref 29922

Store your brushes & files together in a handy storage box!

As a nail stylist, you know how important it is to take good care of the tools you work with. You use them daily, they are almost literally the extension of your creative hands.Do you like to keep all your brushes or files together in a handy storage box? Then our new ProNails branded brush & files box is indispensable in your salon! This box is ideal to take with you or to display neatly on your nail table.

  • The brush box conveniently has two compartments, use one for brushes and the other for files.
  • This way you’ll keep your brushes free from dust!
  • Since the box already gives protection there’s no need to also add the caps to the brushes.
  • Use the caps of the Premium Brushes when you keep them in an open brush holder or when you want to take a single brush with you.

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