Progressive Foot Pedal VP800

Ref 90104

Control the speed of your nail machine only by pushing with your feet

  • An intuitive foot pedal
  • With variable speed control of the Vision Pro 800 nail machine
Good To Know

You don’t lose time and concentration by choosing speed on the touchscreen, you control everything with your foot.

With the Vision Pro 800 Footswitch you will be able to keep your focus on the nails and save a lot of time while filing electrically.

The use of the foot switch is very useful to control the rotation speed without having to continuously touch the screen of your device during nail styling treatments as well as pedicure treatments.

This way you can stay focused on your work and at the same time increase or decrease speed with your foot just like you were driving an automatic sport car.

  • Feet speed control
  • Intuitive use
  • Save time use
  • You will never lose your focus
  • This is so comfortable to use


  • The foot switch needs to be connected at the back side of the device
  • Once it is connected it will command the start and stop function of the device as well as the increase and decrease of rotation speed
  • Choose the maximum speed rotation to reach
  • And push with your foot on the footswitch
  • Have a nice ride!

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