LongWear Wooden Display Pack AW22/23 - 14 pcs

Ref 29988

Free wooden longwear display in the aw22-23 collection pack!

This package includes:

  • the 12 new collection colours
  • a LongWear Start and Finish
  • 2 separate AW22-23 display cards, one for the Glamping Girl and one for the Enchanted collection so you can switch
  • a ring with empty colour sticks + matching stickers to display all new collection colour names and numbers for Gellak, Sopolish & LongWear
  • the reusable wooden display base in solid wood with ProNails logo
Good To Know

If you already own a wooden base from last season, you can present both collections in your salon at once using the second display card from this pack!

Show your new collections and literally put your LongWear colours on a pedestal with our stylish solid wood display with milled logo. There are cut-outs for your LongWear colours, Start & Finish bottles. You get this display completely FREE with the purchase of the AW22-23 LongWear Display Pack!

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