Cooling Leg & Foot Lotion 100 ml

Ref 29106

For fresh, cool and energized feet!

  • Moisturizer that soothes and softens sensitive skin
  • With eucalyptus oil to fight swelling and inflamation and refresh skin
Why you love it

The lotion contains aloe vera which is a great moisturizer for sensitive skin.

  • Refreshing: cooling, refreshing and energizing feeling  
  • Soothing: sooths and softens the skin  
  • Moisturizing: hydration thanks to aloe vera 
  • Eucalyptus oil: fights swellings and inflamation and refreshes skin

This cooling and stimulating lotion gives an uplifting boost to weary feet and legs. The lotion contains aloe vera and menthol which is a great moisturizer and can sooth and soften sensitive skin. Eucalyptus oil fights swellings and infl ammations and leaves the feet feeling fresh, cool and energized.  

  • Apply the lotion to feet and legs and massage in
  • The product doesn't leave a greasy layer
  • Ideal lotion to use during warm weather to refresh weary feet and legs

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