Aluminium Pedicure Bowl 40 x 12.8 cm

Ref 28178

Hygienic bowl for mess-free foot baths. 

  • A light-weight, high quality aluminium bowl for pedicures
  • Easy to clean and disinfect with Clinilotion
Why you love it

The ProNails Aluminium Pedicure Bowl is a practical alternative if a foot sink is unavailable.

  • Hygienic and easily disinfectable using ProNails Clinilotion
  • Light-weight aluminium
  • Durable and practical alternative for a foot sink

Practical aluminium pedicure bowl to provide spa foot baths. Contains no pores and is perfectly cleanable and disinfectable using ProNails Clinilotion. It is light-weight, durable and a practical solution if a foot sink is unavailable.

  • Use this foot bath for your spa pedicure if a foot sink is unavailable
  • After use clean and disinfect with ProNails Clinilotion

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