Smart light: safer, smarter & faster curing webinar


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08/03 – Safer, Smarter & Faster curing

Do you want to avoid your customers experiencing heat sensation under the LED lamp? And prevent contact allergies? Do you want to be able to cure gels faster and therefore reduce the treatment time? It's all possible thanks to this innovative Smart Light LED lamp!

On the occasion of 40 Years ProNails, it has a new outfit, giving even more design, class and luxury at your work table! A stylish eye catcher in your salon!

Want to find out all about this? Then be sure to register for our FREE Motivational Monday webinar "Safer, Faster & Smarter Curing," on Monday March 8, from 4-5pm!


Learn to cure gels safer and faster!

During this webinar, Sandrine will show you the importance of a perfect and fast curing, without heat sensation on the nails! All the advantages and the use of this LED lamp will be explained in detail.